Love and customer care

It’s the day before Christmas and although many may not celebrate for religious and other reasons, one thing that connects us all (in business and in our private lives) is the joy and love in this season.

I enjoy this period specifically because it’s probably the single time of the year that we take off our human suits worn so tightly throughout the year and become our real selves.

In business we probably need to take this spirit of holiday cheer along with us everyday in providing customer service. Here are my points to consider on this.

1. Seek more to understand than to be understood. Probing for the need behind the need, would be a key function of solving a customer’s problem. Telling them of your processes and policies makes them go away but doesn’t resolve their burning issues.

2. Follow up with people, expeditiously. In the world of instant information customers seek quick turnarounds to their problems. Taking 3 weeks to give them a one sentence response which doesn’t even solve the problem is just criminal.

3. Be of service, most companies take the service part of customer service lightly. It doesn’t serve them or their customer doing this. All it achieves is brand compromise, where an unhappy customer preaches just how bad your business is. Remember the caveat 6 degrees of separation? All it takes is for that one disgruntled person to tell their network and before you know it, less feet come through your door.

This is not new, yet very few businesses invest in ensuring that their customer service departments are well equipped with meaningful ways to handle and deal with their clients.

Have a wonderful holiday, make time for your loved ones and for yourself. If you’re traveling, be safe on the roads. May the coming year be all that you dream.

Happy Holidays!


One day it will all make sense

You will understand that it’s not what he says but what he does that matters most.
It will matter more what his thoughts are and how he arrives to them if you are one day to submit to him.
You will spend more time understanding how how he sees himself as it’s only one who sees himself as a God among Gods that will see you as a Queen.
You will accept that although you would at some point have done anything for him that in fact he was never yours to have and with the grace of a grown woman you will walk away from that one who you thought of as the love of your life.

It will dawn on you that before he becomes a life partner to you, God needs to make a man of him first.
One day it will make sense why he broke your heart and then you will release him forever from the ties of your soul so true love can find you once and for all.

And you will see in true love’s eyes like you have never seen before.
And your hand will fit into his.
And his embrace will give you life.
For once before you so desperately needed to be held.

And everything will be okay at last
And you will mother his understanding.

And one day as the sun sets on your lives you will look back on when you were once young.
He will once again be that young man who melted your ice and you that girl that weakened his knees.

And throughout the seasons of your love it will always remain.
And when the curtain falls on your union you will go back to that place you once met and wait for that old friend.

And in your sleep his kiss will take you and forever you will be together as it was prophesied in the book of time.