Bio: I am...a keen seeker of the infinite intelligence, a free spirit and aspirant mogul. My motto is to show up differently. I am driven by a deep sense of service as well as the belief that I want to be remembered 2000 years after I have passed. I am the founding member of the Mvemve Trust. I work in supply chain and have been for over 7 years and have recently become involved in facilities management and in risk and compliance. I am a member of the Black Management Forum (BMF) and serve as the Deputy Chairperson for the Gauteng Young Professionals (YPs).We involve ourselves as current and future leaders with leadership development through 3 pillars (enterprise development, skills development and community projects). Through the BMF I have worked on various projects such as adopting a school, industry mentorship for previously disadvantaged learners, leadership training and Saturday school training. It is through my role here that I have had the honour to MC various events, namely Leadership Breakfasts, The Enterprise Development Summit and the Entrepreneurship Workshop. Public speaking is a great love of mine, and I look forward to becoming a well sought after public speaker and MC. Added to speaking, I love to write, I have had 2 of my poems published in anthologies of poems (Alone in Melodic Musings and In Touch Nocturnal Nuances). I hold a post graduate degree in Business Management and an undergraduate in Transport Economics. I am working towards growing Rare Rabbit, my own business of which the core service is business consulting primarily focused at small businesses. I am talented in various areas and curious about life, as a result I am always looking to find expression in various aspects of my talent and curiosity. I love the outdoors, particularly activities such as hiking, jogging and picnics.

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