Your business is only as big as your vision of it.

In the environment of disruptive change, small businesses cannot afford to not change something in their operations.
I find many small sometimes family owned businesses struggle with their own growth to a point that they fall on their own feet so to speak. I recently visited a lodge run by a married couple and a small team of workers.

Their situation was that they spent their entire lives at the lodge running their business, they have recently trained one staff member to assist with additional work so they can manage the busier periods. When I asked whether they have taken the time to write down their processes on “how to” run their operations I’m told no, no time and many other reasons why it can’t b done etc. I imagine most small businesses are in this same spot when business peaks and more hands are required on deck.

I would recommend that one starts with the end in mind, meaning document your business process as it develops along the way during quiet times in your business, make sure you set time aside to update it. This gives one perspective, understanding where the potential waste sits and also providing an opportunity to correct any wastage in the process.

I also find that small business owners get into a “grove” of how they do things. This is a dangerous place to be as it lends itself to complacency. Growing big requires thinking big, making time to refine your strategy will do amazing things for your business, after all, your business is only as big as your vision of it.

A study by Deloitte found that in the current business environment, everything and anything may change at any time and this means that long-standing business models become obsolete. This is a point to consider when the “I’m too busy” alibi creeps in.


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